“Sparkly ideas for vibrant events”

Marielba is a charismatic event specialist with more than a decade of experience producing vibrant events here in Australia and overseas. Passionate about this industry, Marielba has a Bachelor in Marketing and Advertising.

Sparkling Productions design, manage and deliver all types of events. A wealth of knowledge and experience sees us providing fun and unforgettable events for our valued clients.

We will transform your ideas into a reality. Your ideas teamed with our creativity and passion will ensure your event is vibrant and special. We have the imagination and expertise to provide you with the perfect proposal to fulfill your dreams.


Sparkling Productions has created and managed a range of vibrant and unforgettable events. We can’t wait to give you an incredible experience at your next celebration.


A Wedding is more than the union of two people for a lifetime... A Wedding is also the bringing together of two families as one.  We have a range of packages to suit your needs. From the Venue, Decoration, Catering, Ceremony and more...

Ceremonies & Rituals

Ceremonies are moving experiences and we at Sparkling Productions make them even more special because we love to involve our clients. Music, poetry, dance, connection rituals, prayers or literature readings can be incorporated into your ceremony.

Crazy Party Time

We match a lively and explosive show to suit your party theme. The idea is to create a climatic moment during your celebration. We have a range of incredible shows designed, or we can also work with you to create your very own unique CRAZY PARTY TIME!

Hens Party

Our Hens Parties are designed to give the special bride and their friends a unique experience… Your unique Hens party could include: Spa day with Yoga Class, Dance therapy, Cooking Class or Cocktail Makers.


Retreats offer the time and space in a peaceful environment to reconnect with yourself. We will help you to find inspiration with a range of workshops and experiences. Connecting with our magical guides will enable you to re-energise and empower yourself to a higher vibration.


Festivals are great for getting the community involved. We always focus in developing a good atmosphere full of music, local vendors, workshops and entertainment. Themed festivals are our speciality, as we love to transport people all around our beautiful planet.


Workshops are an interactive way to enhance your knowledge and skills. Our dynamic workshops are carefully designed to be comprehensive, inspiring and full of fun.
Past workshops topics include: Essential oils, Cooking and Dance Therapy.



"Sparkly ideas for vibrant events"


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“Sparkly ideas for vibrant events”

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